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Robert F. Melendez, MD

Robert F. Melendez, MD
8801 Horizon Blvd., Suite 130
Albuquerque, NM 87113

(800) 579-7692
Dr. Robert F. Melendez, MD

Dr. Robert F. Melendez

Serving patients seeking LASIK eye surgery and cataract surgery in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas

Robert F. Melendez, MD, is a board-certified ophthalmologist offering LASIK and laser cataract surgery in Albuquerque. With nearly 20 years of experience, he is highly respected as a leader in his field and known for providing top quality medical and surgical care. Patients visit Dr. Melendez from all over New Mexico, seeking his expertise and knowledge. His patients appreciate his warm, welcoming approach, commitment to education and mastery of advanced technology.

Laser Eye Surgery With Dr. Melendez

Dr. Melendez utilizes best-in-class technologies and techniques when treating LASIK patients. He customizes laser eye surgery to each patient, taking into consideration their unique needs and goals. Dr. Melendez uses the most advanced lasers in the state to quickly and precisely reshape his patients’ corneas and improve their focusing powers. He also offers alternative solutions, such as SMILE, the latest type of laser vision correction, and PRK to patients who may not qualify for LASIK surgery.

Cataract Surgery With Dr. Melendez

Patients struggling with the visual effects of cataracts place their trust in Dr. Melendez for top notch care. During surgery, he removes the eye’s cloudy lens and replaces it with an artificial lens implant to restore clear vision. He offers the latest laser cataract surgery and is the first and only doctor in Albuquerque to offer this highly precise technique. Dr. Melendez’s patients can choose from several types of advanced lenses, depending on their visual needs, lifestyle and personal preferences. Most patients are able to achieve crisp vision with little to no need for glasses after cataract surgery.

In addition to LASIK and cataract surgery, Dr. Melendez offers safe, effective treatment for eye diseases such as dry eye, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

To learn more about Dr. Melendez and what he offers, please call 800-579-7692 today.

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More About Dr. Robert Melendez

Robert Melendez, MD, MBA, is a graduate of the University of New Mexico. While there, he earned his undergraduate and medical degrees. After completing his ophthalmology residency program at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Dr. Melendez returned to the University of New Mexico to complete a Master of Business Administration degree. Throughout his academic career and his surgical training, he was repeatedly recognized for his dedication to excellence.

In addition to serving the general public, Dr. Melendez is a highly respected lieutenant colonel and flight surgeon for the United States Air Force and the New Mexico Air National Guard. He is a member in good standing of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

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