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  • Dr. Bansal

    Jay Bansal, MD
    LaserVue Eye Center

    (800) 791-5691

    711 Van Ness Ave, Suite 320
    San Francisco, California 94102

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  • Dr. Mandel

    Mark R. Mandel, MD
    Optima Ophthalmic Medical Associates, Inc.

    (855) 300-3874

    1237 B Street
    Hayward, CA 94541
    Other locations: Concord, Santa Clara and Castro Valley

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SF Laser Eye Surgeons – LASIK and Cataract Surgery – Presbyopia Correction

Top San Francisco eye surgeons perform a number of modern laser vision correction procedures that are minimally invasive, require little recovery time and lead to clear, restored vision. In fact, many San Francisco LASIK surgeons perform the latest all-laser custom LASIK procedure, which is a completely blade-free vision surgery. Custom LASIK (also called wavefront LASIK or wavefront-guided LASIK) includes the use of advanced technology to measure optical imperfections that are unique to every eye for a 100 percent customized treatment designed for the best possible visual outcomes. LASIK surgeons in San Francisco utilize the latest methods to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, as well as presbyopia and astigmatism. (Presbyopia is the age-related eye change that causes people over age 40 to need bifocals or reading glasses.) Other laser vision correction procedures offered by San Francisco LASIK surgeons that may be better suited for some patients include PRK, iLASIK and Epi-LASIK.

Top LASIK surgeons in San Francisco also provide the latest vision correction procedure for people suffering from cataracts: "no-stitch, no-needle," phacoemulsification ("phaco") cataract surgery. In this minimally invasive procedure, an ultrasonic probe is inserted into the eye through a small, self-sealing incision. The probe breaks up the cataract into small pieces and removes the entire natural lens. The lens is then replaced with a flexible intraocular lens (IOL) through the same incision.

Plastic surgery procedures such as breast lift (mastopexy) or breast augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty) should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Ask your eye surgeon to recommend a plastic surgeon in the SF area if you are interested in these procedures.

Cataract Surgeons in San Francisco

Many of the best San Francisco cataract surgeons offer the choice of a number of premium IOLs, including presbyopia-correcting multifocal IOLs (ReSTOR, ReZoom and Tecnis Multifocal IOL) and accommodating IOLs (Crystalens HD and Crystalens AO). In addition to presbyopia correction, these premium IOLs also correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. Many top San Francisco cataract surgeons also offer toric IOLs and other cataract surgery techniques to correct astigmatism and reduce the need for glasses after cataract surgery.

Leave Your Glasses in San Francisco

With its distinctive architecture, steep hills and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay that bears its name, San Francisco is one of the most picturesque cities in America. If you choose to have LASIK or cataract surgery in San Francisco, be sure to spend time during your follow-up visits to explore a few of the many outdoor and cultural attractions of this beautiful "City by the Bay."

To learn about the natural and cultural history of San Francisco and surrounding areas, visit the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The area includes five individual National Historic Landmarks and more than 10 National Register properties, including the Presidio of San Francisco and Muir Woods with its towering redwood trees. For attractions within the city, be sure to visit Golden Gate Park. This urban green space and San Francisco landmark is larger than Central Park in New York City and reportedly contains more than one million trees. When visiting the park, be sure to check out its Japanese Tea Garden, the Conservatory of Flowers and the new home of the California Academy of Sciences, which features a planetarium, a 25-foot deep aquarium, several ecosystem exhibits and the nation's largest living rooftop.

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