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LASIK, Cataract Surgery and Presbyopia Correction in Manhattan, NYC

Every year, New York City LASIK surgery specialists help thousands of Manhattan area patients eliminate their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Recent advancements in custom LASIK surgery, as well as other types of advanced eye procedures such as PRK and LASEK produce vision correction outcomes that often lead to 20/20 vision or better for most New York City patients. And modifications of LASIK and other laser eye surgery procedures now can correct presbyopia, reducing or eliminating the need for reading glasses for patients over age 40. (Presbyopia is the normal age-related loss of reading vision in middle age.) Your surgeon can explain all aspects of laser vision correction, including cost of LASIK surgery.

Top Cataract Surgery Specialists in New York City (Manhattan)

A number of top New York (NYC) LASIK surgeons are also trained cataract specialists who utilize their fine-tuned surgical skills and extensive experience to restore cloudy vision caused by cataracts. Modern refractive cataract surgery has the dual purpose of restoring vision by cataract extraction and reducing or eliminating the need for glasses after surgery by implanting premium intraocular lenses (IOLs) that correct presbyopia as well as nearsightedness or farsightedness. Examples of these presbyopia-correcting IOLs used by top New York City cataract surgeons include Crystalens accommodating IOLs and ReSTOR, Tenis and ReZoom multifocal IOLs. For New York City refractive surgery patients who do not have cataracts but desire vision correction because of refractive errors and presbyopia, a similar type of lens implant surgery may be used to correct vision at all distances. This advanced procedure is known as refractive lens exchange (RLE).

To learn about other types of elective procedures, such as breast lift surgery or Thermage, visit the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery. For facts about obesity, visit the Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery.

Enjoy the Art Scene in New York City following LASIK Surgery

Wherever you live, you should definitely visit New York City at least once in your lifetime. With more than eight million residents, New York City, also known as "The Big Apple," is the largest and most densely-populated city in the United States. NYC is one of the world's major centers for commerce, finance, fashion and entertainment. It also is a major center for international affairs and is home to the United Nations. A number of top LASIK vision correction specialists who also perform advanced cataract surgery procedures are located here. If you have your LASIK or cataract surgery performed in New York City, plan to spend extra time during your follow-up visits to see some of the many attractions The Big Apple has to offer.

New York City is among the greatest art centers in the world and is home to many famous museums and galleries. Consider visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art or perhaps the Museum of Modern Art, both located in Manhattan. For the performing arts, you may want to visit Lincoln Center. Located on more than 16 acres, Lincoln Center is home to The Metropolitan Opera, New York City Ballet, New York Philharmonic and other performing arts organizations, including the famous Julliard School of dance, drama and music. For more information about the arts in New York City, including a culture guide and a calendar of events, visit the city's Alliance for the Arts website.

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